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Welcome to Methwold Parish Council

Welcome to the Methwold Parish Council website, we hope you find the information contained within the pages helpful and informative.

Methwold Parish Council is a civil local authority and is the third tier of local government which means there are rules and regulations which we have to adhere to but we are your Parish Council, here to represent residents of Methwold,

Methwold Hythe and Brookville.  

Please feel free to contact the Clerk or Parish Councillors if you have anything you would like to discuss or bring to the attention of the Parish Council.

Methwold Parish Council meetings are held in the 21 Room

at Methwold Hall Complex at 7.30pm 

Meeting dates for 2024

January 11th 2024

February 8th 2024

March 14th 2024

April 11th 2024

May 9th 2024

June 13th 2024

July 11th 2024

August 8th 2024

September 12th 2024

October 10th 2024

November 14th 2024

December 12th 2024


For more information on St George's Hall Complex and Mini Methwold please click on the links below.

St George's Hall
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