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Parish Council Meetings

Methwold Parish Council holds the Main Parish Council Meeting on the 2nd Thursday of the month in the 21 Room at St George's Hall Complex at 7.30pm.  The public are very welcome to attend, there is an Open Forum session where the public are able to voice their opinion or ask the parish council to consider anything which they feel is important.

As well as the main meeting we also hold meetings of various sub-committees to discuss Finance, the Cemetery, Open Spaces and St George's Hall Complex, the outcomes from these meetings are taken to the main Parish Council meeting and presented for the whole Council to make a balanced decision based on fact.

Finance Committee - Meetings are usually held quarterly, this group regularly monitor spend against budget and are responsible along with the Responsible Financial Officer for ensuring the Parish Council are financially compliant and manage the Precept efficiently.

HR Committee - Meetings held as required, there are two employees of the parish council, the Clerk/RFO and the Key Holder.

Planning Committee - Parish councils have the right to make comments on planning applications affecting their area.


The planning authority (which is usually Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk) allows a parish council 21 days to respond to a planning application.  The application will be considered by the parish council at the next council meeting and will feature on the agenda as an item to be discussed.  Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings and can speak during the public participation item on the agenda to give their views on a planning application.  They are also encouraged to provide their own comments on Borough Council's planning pages


If there is not a meeting within the 21 days, the parish council can request to extend the time-limit. 


Whilst the overall decision is the planning authority’s, the parish council’s local knowledge, combined with an understanding of the planning process, means that its views are more likely to be heard by the planning authority, so long as the parish council provides valid planning ‘material considerations’.


The parish council’s comments can be found on Borough Council King's Lynn & West Norfolk planning pages.

Hall & General Purposes Working Group meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7.30pm. This group meets to discuss any projects, work or repairs required in the Complex,  the parish council is keen that the Complex brings in enough revenue to help towards paying for itself which isn't easy because it is a big old building but prior to the pandemic we manged to do just this with a lot of help and goodwill from volunteers (especially those who help with Mini Methwold) as well as parish councillors.

Open Spaces Working Group meetings are held in the 21 Room on the 4th Thursday of the month.  This group look after anything outside of the Complex including the Recreation Ground and Cemetery along with benches, litter bins, dog waste bins and streetlights.

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