Methwold Parish Council


Methwold Parish Council represents the residents in the Parish, there are 13 seats and members are elected every 4 years.  All members must live in or around Methwold Parish.  

Starting on June 10th 2021 at 7.00 pm we will be back in St George's Hall for the monthly Parish Council meeting.

Mani meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month, and everyone is welcome to attend.

COVID-19 Government guidelines will be followed.

There is one Open Forum in the meeting this is three quarters of the way through the meeting and this is the time when the public can voice their opinion or ask for items to be considered by the Parish Council, this can be anything which you feel your parish may be lacking.  

If you are unable to attend or don't feel that you want to speak during the meeting you are welcome to contact the Clerk by phone, email or letter and ask for an item to be presented at the meeting to the Parish Council.

As well as managing the Precept and services bought in to maintain the three villages, the Parish Council is also responsible for the following:

  • The Administration, maintenance and day to day running of St George's Hall Complex including Mini Methwold.

  • The upkeep of Methwold Cemetery and St. George’s Churchyard

  • The Queen Elizabeth II Recreation Ground Children’s play area

  • Providing general maintenance around the village

  • Upkeep of the village green (Fair Hill)

  • Most (but not all) street lighting

  • Grass Cutting (parish land)

  • Parish Seating

  • Some recycling bins, litter bins and dog fouling bins.

  • Planning- we also make comments on all planning applications, although the Borough Council or Norfolk County Council make the decision.  

If you notice anything around the parish which you feel needs reporting please contact the Parish Clerk by email or call

Mobile: 07340 162 732 or the Parish Office: 01366 728513 please leave a message on the answerphone, messages are regularly picked up.