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Methwold Cemetery

Methwold’s Cemetery on the Stoke Road held it's first burials at the beginning of the 1900’s when the ones at nearby      St. George’s Church and Methodist Chapel became full.  


The cemetery is split into two zones, the Old and the “New Cemetery”.   

Within the Old Cemetery, which is now full apart from second interments in existing graves, there is a small area, still in use, for cremated remains.

Traditional burials take place in the New Cemetery and increasingly families are choosing to have cremated remains buried there too. There is also a second grass area in the New Cemetery for cremated remains.


A Brief Guide To Methwold Cemetery


Access:  If walking, access can be obtained via the main gate from Stoke Road. If travelling by car, there is a track to the side of the cemetery with a car-park at the end.


Layout: The cemetery is laid to grass so that contractors can maintain it easily and keep the area tidy. This is important when relatives become increasingly frail or live too far away to maintain the grave space.


Burials: Burials usually take place in the next available space and this is normally arranged by a funeral director.

Where a burial is desired in a particular location, such as adjacent to a relative, then this space, if free, can be purchased and Exclusive Right of Burial in that location for 100 years granted.

To reserve a plot - Application Form 3A

Application for burial space should be made to the Parish Council.  Application Form 1A

The plot is either for a single burial or if reserved as a double plot, the plot may accommodate two burials, one above the other.  Should anyone wish to reserve two plots for burial side by side this requires an application for two plots.  In this case the plots are separated by a foot way and treated as two separate plots.  It is not possible to place a single grave stone between the two graves as this would block the foot way impeding maintenance of the cemetery.


Memorials: A Funeral Director or Stone Mason could advise on memorial designs and a short walk around the new area of the cemetery can give a general idea of what is permitted.  Engraved designs are acceptable but coloured designs are not permitted.


Form 2A “Application To Erect A Headstone” states the maximum sizes permitted and where a headstone should be located.  A sketch or photo (from the stonemason’s catalogue) must be attached. The inscription on a memorial must also be submitted on this form for Parish Council approval and will generally be permitted as long as it is not offensive.


For the first 18 months a simple, temporary memorial is permitted at the head of the grave after which time it will be removed.  This allows time for the ground to settle before a memorial is installed, sometimes when there has been extreme weather conditions this time may have to be extended to allow for settlement. Application Form 2A

Floral Containers: Immediately after a burial there are often many tributes left covering the grave area. These may be removed after two weeks or sooner if they become unsightly.   

From September 1st 2013 – Flower containers should be built into the headstone tablet or be freestanding receptacles, not exceeding 20cm x 20cm x 20cm, (8 inches x 8 inches x 8 inches) and placed within the area of the headstone tablet.


The Grave Space: This area must be kept clear and will be turfed level with the surrounding area.  Apart from the headstone and flower containers, as described, no other adornments such as plants, shrubs or trees, fencing or kerbing of any type or any other adornment or similar items as determined by the Council, are permitted.

Please click here to see Methwold Cemetery Rules

Please click here to see Methwold Cemetery Fees

For more information on the Cemetery and burials, please contact the Clerk.

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